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The Ramapo Valley Ultralight Club consists of a group of people who have the common interest in flying ultralight aircraft. The club is based at Wurtsboro Airport in Wurtsboro, New York.

In simple terms, an ultralight aircraft is a vehicle that weighs 254 pounds with a five gallon gas tank. As required by the Federal Government we have to follow FAR part 103, which explains in detail, exactly what constitutes an ultralight and the regulations that must be followed during flight. No license is required, at this time, to fly an ultralight.

At this time it is difficult to get flight training in ultralight aircraft, due to the FAA changing the rules on ultralight training aircraft and instructors. We suggest that basic flight training can be obtained in a sport pilot program, and then you may transition to ultralight flying. If you are already a pilot, you only need to safely transition to ultralight flying. Our meetings are usually held on the first Saturday of every month at 12 p.m. at the airport.

The membership is composed of men and women who share an interest in aviation in general and more specifically the sport of ultralights. To become a member of the club, an individual pays a $30 initiation fee and $5 per month in dues.

Most members are somehow involved in flying ultralights. Many own their own planes; share ownership with someone else or are in some stage of training to become certified to fly ultralights. Within the membership, there are members who opt to become shareholders, in the ownership in two ultralights. The share holders have the right to fly any of the shareholder planes after being checked out and signed off by the flight instructor. Specific costs for a shareholder are regular $5 per month dues, plus $30 per month for the Maintenance Fund, plus a one-time buy in price of $1,500 for a share. Additionally, the shareholder pays $28 per hour when using one of the shareholder ultralights.

As part of our organization, we offer  safety lectures, summer fly-in Picnic and BBQ, winter dinner get-together, and we fly or drive to various functions offered by other clubs and all local Air Shows.

Should you require any additional information, please e-mail us at rvuc email.

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