RVUC Current Events

Hello RVUC members, shareholders, and guests,

In two weeks on Saturday, November 18 at noon, we will have our next RVUC meeting. But this time the meeting will be held in Eddy’s and Lisa’s “white” house which is located right across the street from the entrance to the parking lot at Wurtsboro airport. Besides meeting in their nice and warm, recently renovated home, pizza will also be served so please let me know if you expect to be there and how many guests you will be bringing so that Joe Acoveno can bring enough pizza for everyone.

Perhaps it will still be warm enough to fly a little either before or after the meeting.

BTW, if I haven’t heard back from you by the end of this year, I will assume you are no longer interested in being a dues-paying member of our RVUC and will no longer receive any of these RVUC email communications.

Charlie McNerney
Acting RVUC president

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